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WSE-1190Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast

Gel casting kit for ATTO Mini-Slab Gel

Easy setting & making max 4 Mini-Slab gels (width 90 x height 83 mm)!

WSE-1190 Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast

Component of WSE-1190

Purpose and Application

2 pieces or 4pieces of Mini-Slab size (90 x 83 mm, thickness 1 mm) gels can be made simultaneously with this gel casting kit.

Compatible electrophoresis apparatus: ATTO Mini-Slab gel system 

  WSE-1150P PageRunAce

  WSE-1100P PageRun-R

  AE-6531P PageRun

  AE-6530P mPAGE

  AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab

※This gel cast includes plates whose total thickness is 5 mm, so gel holders for precast-gel (P) are required.

  • Easy setting; piling plates in gel caster and fixing by clips    
    (Seal gasket is not necessary)
  • Max 4 pieces can be made
  • Glass plates only for this gel cast  are adopted so seal gasket is unnecessary
  • Attached to glass plate sets & combs for 4 pieces of gel 
Product number WSE-1190
Product name Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast
Gel size 90mm(W)x83mm(H)x1mm(D) (Mini-Slab gel size)
Number of gel Max. 4 pieces (2 pieces or 4 pieces can be made simultaneously)
Plate size MAB-10 Notched plate/MB-02 Plain plate (Glass plate, 2 mm thickness)
120mm(W) × 102mm(L)  Total 5 mm thickness
Sample comb RM10-12 Smiling-less mini comb  12-well (Well 3.2mm width, about 30μL/well) 1mm thickness, PP mold
Materials Gel caster(Acrylic, Silicon, Stainless steel, Aluminum), Plates(Glass)
Dimension/Weight 176mm(W) x 129mm(H) × 45mm(D), 0.65kg (Main unit only)

Main unit, Plate set (MAB-10 Notched plate & MB-02 Plain plate) :4

Comb (RM10-12, 12-well) :4

Dummy plate :1

Space plate :6

Instruction Manual :1


Operation Outline

  ★ Please check the You Tube Video!


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