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WSE-5200Printgraph 2M

WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M is a gel imaging system with a high resolution CCD camera and a touch control panel .

Printgraph 2M is a simple operation and user-friendly to capture, preview and save fluorescent (SYBR, EtBr) and colorimetric (CBB) gel images with touch control panel. WSE-5200CR is available to take images in various fluorescent dye with UV free light source.

Gel imaging system with a high resolution CCD camera and a touch control panel

WSE-5200 Printgraph 2M

Purpose and Application
  • EtBr and SYBR Green/Safe gel imaging with equipped UV transilluminator
  • CBB and Silver staining gels with epi-white LED
  • Various fluorescent imaging with CyanRed Epi LED light source
  • WSE-5200CR is industry first UV free Gel documentation system! 
  • Print out graphic images with high resolution digital printer 
  • Saving image data to internal memory and USB flash drive
  • Transferring image data to tablet PC and other device through Wireless LAN


・Touch control panel
 Simple operation, and user-friendly design
・CyanRed Epi LED Light source (Cyan and Red color are switching)
 Available to various fluorescent imaging (WSE-5200CR)


・Wireless network 
 Control of the operation from tablet PC, smart phone, and PC by a remote control.
Product Number WSE-5200UV WSE-5200CR
Product Name Printgraph 2M
 Camera Monochrome CCD camera
 Resolution 1600 × 1200
 Pixel size 4.65 μm×4.65 μm
 Pixel density (Greyscale) 12 bit (4096 levels)
 Lens 6× zoom lens
 Monitor 8 inch LCD Touch screen
 Filter 6 positions, motorized 
(Primary; 595 nm)
6 positions, motorized
(primary; 595nm, 665nm:OPTION)
 Maximum Image Area  200×160 mm
 Data Saving 16 bit TIFF, 8 bit TIFF, BMP, JPEG
 shutter speed 5 msec-10 sec
 Epi-white LED Yes
 CyanRed Epi LED Light source No Yes
 UV light source Yes No
 Printer Option(SONY UP-X898MD) Option(SONY UP-X898MD)
 Saturated data detection White levels
 Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n
 Interface USB:2 ports /LAN:1 port
 Dimension 305(W)×615(H)×430(D) 305(W)×615(H)×430(D)
 Weight 29 kg 32 kg
 Power AC 100V-240V
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