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AB-3000B Cellgraph

Bioluminescnece imaging system for living cell and tissues
  Cellgraph is an imaging system to detect low-level light emission in a single living cell by using a highly sensitive EM-CCD camera.

AB-3000B Cellgraph

AB-3000B Cellgraph

Purpose and Application
  • Real time reporter gene assay
  •   Transcriptional factor activity, Clock gene (chronopharmacology). Gene expression (Transfection,RNAi,etc)
  • Analysis of cell responses
  •   Drug response(Anti-cancer drug,DDS,etc),Stress response (Hormone,Inflammation,Anti-Oxidant), Cytotoxichology
  • Analysis of signal pathway
  • Signal cascade (Calcium), Apoptosis,etc
  • Acquire images of culturing cells or tissue samples on a 35 mm dish in the living state.
  • Provide a CO2 incubator equivalent atmosphere by controlling the temperature, CO2 gas concentration and humidifying.
  • Highly sensitive and accurate detection of faint bioluminescence with an EM-CCD camera.
  • Isolates and captures multicolor faint bioluminescence.
  • Easy operation via a user-friendly interface.
  • Full control from a PC with dedicated software.
  • Completely lightproof,compact design.
Product Number AB-3000B
Product Name Cellgraph
Cooled CCD Camera CCD type: Back-illuminated EMCCD
Active pixel: 512 x 512 pixel
Pixel size: 16 x 16μm
AD Resolution: 14/16 bit
Cooling temperature:
-80°C with an air-cooling system when the air temperature is 25°C, -90°C with a water-cooling system*
(when the water temperature is 25°C)
-85°C with an air-cooling system when the air temperature is 20°C, -100°C with a water-cooling system*
(when the water temperature is 16°C)
*The water-cooling unit is provided as an optional accessory.
Objective Lens 4x (NA 0.53) (Other magnification lenses are also available as optional accessories)
Stage X-Y-Z axis manual stage, Z-axis motorized stage
Culture dish 35mm culture dish
Constant temperature function (Room temperature +5°C) to 45°C, 0.1°C step
Lighting White LED with dimming function Blue LED with dimming function
Optical Filter Up to three filters can be set (525LP/560 LP/620 LP are standard equipment)
Exposure time 30 milliseconds to 90 minutes
Imaging interval Indefinite
Control software OS:Windows 7/Vista/XP
System requirement RAM: 1 GB or more (512 MB or more for XP)
  Hard Drive: 30 GB or more free disk space required
  Interface: Full size PCI slot x1, serial port x1, USB port x1
Power (main body) AC100-240V  106VA (varies according to the components of the whole system)
Dimensions (main body) 430 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 650 mm (H)
Weight (main body) Approx. 40kg
Optional Accessories
CCD camera water-cooling unit Constant-temperature water circulating system, heat-resistant tube for circulation
CO2 gas injection unit CO2 gas-mixer
CO2 gas humidifying unit Bubbling system for gas humidification
Perfusion culture chamber unit Chamber for perfusion
Objective lenses 2x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x

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